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Here you’ll find information on all the people, monsters, and cities that make up the world of Oerthe. If you’re looking for information on the player’s characters, please check on the Characters page.

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Glanten “Daldal” Kegsmasher – Dwarf Monk played by Nathan
Dolus Celo – Human Bard played by Jared
Chase Arkenson – Human Artificer played by Larry
Baeleth Aeravel – Elf Fighter played by Travis

Marshal – Small town in the Misty Woods
Nyn’Ilrodar – Ruins of Elven city deep in the Misty Forest.
Orrinshire – Small village in the Plains of Wind
Whiteridge – Large city at the base of the mountains in the east.

High Priest Chapman – (Deceased) Once ran the Church of Heironeous in Marshal
Brother Ben – Priest currently in charge of the church in Heironeous
High Priest Sven – The apothecarist in Marshal’s church.
Mother Anastasia – Head of the convent in Marshal.
Faramond de le Fleur – Marshal’s historian and orator.
Ivan Steiner – A renowned hunter and furrier from Marshal. Currently blind.
Baldric von Bruin – Recently unpetrified Paladin of Heironeous.
Lilliana of the Oak – Centaur said to live deep in the Misty Forest.
Terestrian – Satyr suspected to be cheating on Lilliana of the Oak

Neth’lak the Demanding – A large, green dragon seeking tribute and payment from the local civilizations.
Kobolds – Small, reptilian humanoids that are lithe and agile.
Fetid Fungus – A rather large heap of plant matter that actively searches for food.
Meenlocks – A deformed humanoid that seeks to deform others to their likeness.
Dread Blossom Swarm – A swarm of flying, red flowers that seeks out the blood of others.
Assassin Vine – An animated plant that kills living animals to use as fertilizer
Orcwort – An animated plant with Wortling fruit that feed on flesh.
Wortling – The animated fruit of an Orcwort that searches for food.
Guardian of the Lake – A giant alligator that resided in the lake near Nyn’Ilrodar.

The Shards of Eldgrim – Crystal shards entrusted to the church in Marshal for protection.
Scabbard of Corellon Larethian – Mentioned by Baeleth Aeravel.
Mobile Distillery – A special distillery mounted in the back of a wagon owned by Glanten Kegsmasher.
Mandragora Root – Also known as the Mandrake Root, this plant has the ability to cure a petrified creature and return them to a normal state.

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