The Shards of Eldgrim


Better, more accurate, and more elaborate descriptions to come in each Adventure Log.

Our First Session
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Party meets at in Marshal during the annual celebration. Neth’lak the Demanding flies into town, lands on the church, and demands tribute. Kobolds rush in overwhelming numbers and raid the town.

Our Second Session

Our party engages in a high-speed wagon ride to the center of town while fighting off Kobolds from every direction.

Our Third Session

Our party arrives at the church with a plan to challenge the dragon in a drinking game in hopes that they can defeat him.

Our Fourth Session

Neth’lak’s near-defeat is praised through the town, and the local church hires the party to track down a Mandragora Root to free the town hero from his prison inside a statue. The party prepares to head off to Nyn’Ilrodar to speak to the Elves to find the fabled root.

Our Fifth Session

Ivan Steiner joins up with the party, and they all head out to Nyn’Ilrodar. They are followed by mysterious crows, and ambushed in the night by a Fetid Fungus.

Our Sixth Session

The party finally makes it to Nyn’Ilrodar only to find out that they’re several days too late. Nyn’Ilrodar is in ruins, and Neth’lak is to blame. They find a lone survivor that knows someone that may know where Mandragora grow.

Our Seventh Session

The party sets out for a short trek to find Lilliana of the Grove. Unfortunately, during the night watch, Baeleth Aeravel gets captured by a gang of Meenlocks. The party tracks down the Meenlocks and dispatches them before they get a chance to turn Baeleth into their own. Now that the party is back on track, they find Lilliana’s grove, and see the most beautiful Centaur they have ever seen.

Our Eighth Session

Lilliana the Centaur is emotionally distraught of the rumors that her Satyr boyfriend, Terestrian, is cheating on her. She requests the aid of the party to track down the Satyr and find proof that the rumors are either true or false. In return, she will give the party directions to another grove that grows wild Mandrakes. Lilliana speaks with the forest creatures to find out the last known location of Terestrian, and the party sets off to the general area. On the way, the party encounters a meadow of flowers. In the middle of the meadow is a corpse of unknown types. The party fears a trap and attempts to get the corpse out to identify it with the aid of dragging a rope through the small meadow against the advice of Baeleth. Unfortunately, the actions disturb the meadow, and the flowers turn out to be a Dread Blossom Swarm. The party attempts to run for their lives and end up splitting up into two groups. Luckily, the swarm is dispatched without any completely disastrous results. Eventually, they find Terestrian along a stream in a clearing in the forest in the throws of passion with another. Terestrian’s escapade with a Nymph is quickly disrupted by the party as they manage to capture the Satyr before he can play any tricks, and the Nymph runs away in fear. Though, her beauty is far too much for Ivan the Huntsman, and he is blinded as he gazes upon her bare flesh. Afterwards, the party manages to intimidate Terestrian into leading them directly back to Lilliana’s grove since they lost the innate tracking ability of Ivan.

Our Ninth Session

Once they reach the grove, Lilliana becomes furious and devises a cruel trick with the aid of the party to keep Terestrian from leaving Lilliana’s side again. With the return of her lover, Lilliana gives the party directions to the wild Mandrake. The party leaves behind Ivan, their wagon, and Bessie and Bertha under the watchful protection of Lilliana, and they set out towards the wild grove in search of the fabled Mandragora. Along the way, the party is ambushed by an Assassin Vine that has it’s tendrils set on Roadblock the oxen. The party manages to chop down the menace right before Roadblock would have been made into fertilizer. Shortly thereafter, the party finally makes it to the open grove, but a large gnarled and twisted tree grows in the middle of the grove with large black fruit hanging from its branches. Between the roots of the tree grow the Mandrake! The party probes around the grove to find that the tree in the middle is alive and so are the fruits. Any small disturbance could spell doom for the party. The party mulls over various ideas of how to pull up the mandrake roots. They know that if they’re around when a root is pulled up, they could die if they hear the scream from the root. But if the root screams, it may wake the dormant tree that grows among the flowers. They contemplate a variety of scenarios and decide on one. With some quick thinking and ingenuity, they manage to pull up a Mandrake with a rope at a safe distance. They themselves do not hear the scream of the Mandrake root and recover the root that is tied to the end of the rope, but the scream wakes the living tree and the fruit drops to the ground and buds out into several Wortlings. The party quickly takes off with their prize before the Wortlings are able to find them. The party hastily travels back to Lilliana’s grove and explain to her what they have found. Lilliana has heard of this tree before and tells the party the tale of the Orcwort. She says that the party is lucky that the Wortlings have not found them and they have bought themselves enough time to rest one last night in her grove.


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