The Shards of Eldgrim

Our Tenth Session

In the morning, the party gathers their belongings, wishes Lilliana a fond farewell, and heads back to Nyn’Ilrodar in order to find the road that will take them back to Marshal where Brother Ben awaits for the Mandragora to free Baldric von Bruin from his stony imprisonment. The party arrives back at Nyn’Ilrodar and rests safely among the ruins knowing that it is doubtful that the Neth’lak the Demanding or any of his henchmen will check here to distrurb them. On the following day after leaving Nyn’Ilrodar, they pass by the lake that the Elves of Nyn’Ilrodar used as part of their culture. Glanten remembers passing the lake the first time they passed by and noticing a disturbance in the water. This time, Glanten decides to defiantly disturb the lake though he has heard of the tales of the Lake Guardian from Baeleth. As Glanten relieves himself along the shore of the lake, he is ambushed by a giant white alligator. Baeleth pushes Glanten out of the way and defends the party for them to make a getaway, but the party will stick to the aid of a fellow party member and they defeat the alligator before Baeleth is drug underwater in the jaws of the Guardian of the Lake. Much to the chagrin of Baeleth, the party guts, skins, and gathers the meat of the alligator as the party neared the last of their rations. The party wished to make sure nothing would go to waste, so they backtracked to Nyn’Ilrodar in search of salt to preserve the meat and tan the hide with. Luckily, they managed to find a crushed storehouse among the ruins that did have enough salt to preserve the hide long enough to get it back to Marshal to be properly dealt with. For the third time in the party’s adventure to retrieve the Mandragora Root, they set off from Nyn’Ilrodar to return to the town of Marshal. Several days after leaving the ruins, the party is ambushed midday by a large group of Wortlings, but not near the number that was scene when they first dropped from the Orcwort. During the fight to protect the wagon, Baeleth drops from grievous wounds. Glanten returns the favor of protection and fights off the remaining three Wortlings before they got a chance to carry off Baeleth. Dolus treats Baeleth’s wounds and brings him back from near death.



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