The Shards of Eldgrim

Our Eleventh Session

Through the coarse of the last leg of the party’s travel back to Marshal, Dolus tends to the wounds of Baeleth and Glanten as Chase creates scrolls to help the party in the future. Faramond guides the cart with Ivan riding shotgun blindly. After a few days of tentative care, Glanten and Baeleth are back on their feet. Two days out from Marshal, the party’s wagon is quietly being raided as the party sleeps and Baeleth meditates while on watch. Something in the wagon clumsily bumps a pot and awakens Glanten. Glanten sneaks out of the tent to find a group of Kobolds are attempting to steal their belongings. Glanten sounds the alarm catching the Kobolds off guard, and the group reacts with lightning speed. Before the Kobolds had much of a chance to throw as much gear on their backs as they could, nearly half of their group lies dead in the wagon from bolts and arrows. The remaining Kobolds attempt to flee with their stolen goods by jumping out of the wagon. Several of them stumble and lose their footing before scampering away. Though the Kobolds used various tricks with Flash Pellets and Tanglefoot Bags, none of the Kobolds were able to escape the dead-eye marksmanship of the party. The party gathers their belongings back into the wagon, rest up, and head off to Marshal with an early start to their day. In what feels like the blink of an eye, they return to Marshal. They see the devastation the raiding Kobolds and Dragon did not but nearly three weeks ago, but are amazed to see that most of the town has returned back to normal. Some buildings are still left damaged, and many buildings still show signs of fires. As the party works their way into town towards the center where the church lies, the party is recognized more and more as the ones that saved Marshal from Neth’lak. The party is greeted by now-High Priest Sven, Mother Anastasia, and Brother Ben. High Priest Sven escorts the party back to his chambers to recap the journey that the party has been on. The news of the fall of Nyn’Ilrodar weighs heavily on High Priest Sven, but he is happy to see Baeleth as the lone survivor. After the group is debriefed, they all set out on their own for a well deserved break. Ivan’s blindness is attended to in the church, Glanten returns to spend time with his fellow Dwarven brewer at the Song and Swallow Brewery, Dolus shows Baeleth around the human-town and has a good time, Faramond retires to his study to transcribe the events into the town’s historical records, and Chase aids Brother Ben in his apothecary in making a potion to revive Baldric von Bruin. The following day, a crowd gathers around the statue in the plaza and the party is summoned to attend in the revival of the hero. During the ceremony, the salve is applied to the statue of Baldric, but nothing happens. Luckily, Chase recalls seeing in the notes of the old tome that the antidote takes time to react. During the course of the next 24 hours, the party stays at watch in anticipation of Baldric’s return to flesh. Eventually, Baldric returns to normal. Quickly a crowd gathers cheering the praise of the party for returning Bladric to normal, and the hope that Neth’lak will soon be slain once and for all. Baldric is dazed and confused with all the commotion and is quickly ushered back to Sven’s chambers. There, High Priest Sven and Faramond recap everything that has happened in the past 30 some odd years. Baldric finds all of this news and information overwhelming and requests to be left alone to his thoughts to let everything soak in.



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