The Shards of Eldgrim

Our Eighth Session

Lilliana the Centaur is emotionally distraught of the rumors that her Satyr boyfriend, Terestrian, is cheating on her. She requests the aid of the party to track down the Satyr and find proof that the rumors are either true or false. In return, she will give the party directions to another grove that grows wild Mandrakes. Lilliana speaks with the forest creatures to find out the last known location of Terestrian, and the party sets off to the general area. On the way, the party encounters a meadow of flowers. In the middle of the meadow is a corpse of unknown types. The party fears a trap and attempts to get the corpse out to identify it with the aid of dragging a rope through the small meadow against the advice of Baeleth. Unfortunately, the actions disturb the meadow, and the flowers turn out to be a Dread Blossom Swarm. The party attempts to run for their lives and end up splitting up into two groups. Luckily, the swarm is dispatched without any completely disastrous results. Eventually, they find Terestrian along a stream in a clearing in the forest in the throws of passion with another. Terestrian’s escapade with a Nymph is quickly disrupted by the party as they manage to capture the Satyr before he can play any tricks, and the Nymph runs away in fear. Though, her beauty is far too much for Ivan the Huntsman, and he is blinded as he gazes upon her bare flesh. Afterwards, the party manages to intimidate Terestrian into leading them directly back to Lilliana’s grove since they lost the innate tracking ability of Ivan.



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